In my path of self-development I met many teachers and great people. And i would like to offer my gratitude to all of them and especially to Master Tchom, who played crucial role in my life.

About Master TCHom

Oleg Cherne (Master TCHom) has experience of more than forty years practice.
His path covered various aspects of apprenticeship, from total service and being a hermit to teaching people around the world.



Oleg went through an intense personal transformation, which resulted in becoming initiated into Taoist alchemy under the name Jie Kong.

For Jie Kong, the alchemical path and knowledge became a reality when he understood that the most important is to increase the level of concentration. There are many wise words and new practices out there, but without personal effort, it won't become your inner truth.

"Any brainless activity develops even more ignorance and sometimes even laziness. The presence of great teachers and masters does not make you better. I can list everyone I studied with, but this is not an indicator of the level. Now I can say that the most important is no big name of your teacher but whether he taught you about HOW to learn."

The art of learning starts with understanding the code or the language of practice. Only then we can grasp the essence of what we are doing and apply it in our life.
The power of awakening and special abilities were obtained through practicing Taoist alchemy — a tradition in which he received his Taoist name Jie Kong.

Moreover, this name is also associated with the period of the hermitage, which lasted almost ten years. Till now, the journey of obtaining and transmitting knowledge is the central theme of his life and personal intention.
Oleg's philosophy, discipline, and specifically, personal struggle with death, helped him to wake up and to start everything again. With the initiation with the name Jie Kong, life became meaningful.

Although he has studied Taoist tradition for a long time, he received his name only after 15 years of practice. Oleg Cherne considers this period to be the most important since he managed not only to get some information but to gain real knowledge.



Oleg's Cherne website: https://www.olegcherne.com/