Integral practices for women
My name is Anna Leona.
Warm welcome to my personal page!

I give online lessons and organize workshops for integral practices for women and would love to share the knowledge that I was studying for more than 10 years.

I like to connect with people who are searching for meaning and depth in life, more peace and harmony inside.
Who am I
Originally born in Russia, I've been living in Amsterdam for 10 years now.

As far I remember, I was always interested in spirituality and when I was 20 years old, I travelled extensively in India, South-East Asia, South America, searching for knowledge, practices, teachers.

Within me, there were many questions "What is the meaning of life", "why we are here". I felt like I needed the answers. And it took years and tons of effort to find a real teacher, who I've been following for 12 years now.

Oleg Cherne (Master Chom)

Oleg has spent more than forty years studying the Taoist tradition. This pathway covered different aspects of learning, of total service and of being a hermit to teaching throughout the world. Oleg underwent a profound personal transformation, which led to his initiation into Taoist alchemy under the name of Jie Kong.

For Oleg, the alchemical path and knowledge became a reality when he realized that the most important thing is to increase the level of concentration.

There are a lot of wise words and new practices out there, but without personal effort, this will not become your inner truth.

"Before real practice begins, we have to change a lot of things: get rid of internal destructive patterns and, more importantly, get away from protecting them. At the same time, accept that it cannot be done overnight, in a hurry, by wanting to obtain the result as quickly as possible. We have to be willing to go a long way to transform ourselves," says Jie Kong.
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Upcoming events
Online workshop
6 - 28 March 2021

Development of Turtle breathing

The development of Turtle breathing is an essential practice in Daoist alchemy. This practice helps to understand inner breathing as a source of jing energy. It is an alchemical process associated with the transformation of energy and the nourishment of the brain.
The whole process consists of many steps, from the moment of creating the proper anatomical structure to the transformation of breathing.

Women's Initiation Course
28 July - 6 August 2021, Cambodia

Holding the Lotus:
Initiation course

This course will take place in one of the most iconic places in the world. Women here were considered avatars and were depicted in great numbers on the walls of the Angkor Wat complex - the temple repository of the knowledge of the Universe.
Angkor Wat is a sacred place for all women. This place, which recreates harmony and balance, was created under the protection of Vishnu himself in order to alter the energy of the whole planet.
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