My Story

Personal Background and Journey in Practices

Growing up in a small village nestled within the Ural mountains, my childhood was intimately connected with nature. Until the age of 12, the warm summers allowed us to traverse barefoot, fostering an unconscious yet profound connection with the natural rhythms surrounding us.

However, this idyllic connection was disrupted when I transitioned to city life. The bustling urban environment introduced unnatural rhythms, leading to a gradual loss of the serene connection with myself. It took some time for me to realize that my anxieties, nervousness, and uncertainties were intricately linked to this disconnection.

How did I start?

My journey of self-development began  when I asked myself — what does the ’feminine nature’ concept truly mean?

At 18, seeking solace and rediscovery, I embraced Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practices. This journey led me to various ashrams and teachers in India, three Vipassana courses, a stint in the Osho ashram in Pune, and exploration of sacred plant medicine in South America, as well as visits to revered sites in Southeast Asia.

Searching for the answer has gradually led me to examine and interact with my inner space. Deep inside, in my core, I discovered the mechanism that based on the principles of fulfillment, assimilation, and preservation of energy. This principle is also manifested in the environment in the lunar cycle. During that cycle energy in the space follows a certain pattern with which all women are resonating.

Encounter with the Teacher

A pivotal moment occurred at a spiritual festival when I encountered Oleg Cherne, whom I instinctively recognized as my teacher. In that moment of connection, an overwhelming sense of silence and peace enveloped me, signaling a clear path forward. I delved into his teachings on Daoist and Integral practices, embarking on a 14-year journey.

Throughout this period, I immersed myself in the study of body systems, inner geometry, energy management, and the creation of the operational system of the brain. Participating in seminars across the globe, from San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I discovered that Oleg's practices carried a profound significance that could be unraveled through focused attention and a finely tuned body.

I understood that everything with which a woman comes into contact will have a certain influence on and within her. The essence of things, people, situations that we encounter nourishes us and provides a sense of fulfillment. Simply put, it fills us up, determines the purity and quality of our internal world.


The basis of my philosophy of the feminine nature became an understanding: that a woman is a Sacred Vessel and her body is a Temple, which needs to be nourished and honored with love, attention and joy.

For the past 10 years, I have expanded my practice study into other forms of expression that provide her also a sense of deep fulfillment and great joy. I took part in seminars of Daoist Yoga and Alchemy, as well Integral Tantra.

After six years of traveling and exploring, I settled in Amsterdam to study International Business Administration, seeking to understand the material side of life. I recognized the need for balance between the spiritual and material aspects, understanding that imbalance led to a loss of harmony. Now, I can affirm that developed attention and focus are necessary in every aspect of life.


In the last 3 years, I have discovered the Tea Ceremony, which has become one of my tools to ground myself and to slow down. It has become an essential part of my daily practice.


Specializations and Areas of Expertise:

My area of expertise revolves around a method that encompasses various practices involving the concepts of fulfillment, axis, proportion, rhymes, and concentration. I lead classes in Daoist Women’s practices, Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi, and Integral practices.