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Anna Leona

Daoist Massage for Regeneration: Workshop for Beginners [13/07 at 11:30]

Daoist Massage for Regeneration: Workshop for Beginners [13/07 at 11:30]

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Workshop Overview:

Welcome to our introductory workshop on Daoist Massage, Part 1: Nine External Vessels.

This session is designed for beginners and focuses on the ancient practice of Daoist self-massage, known as "The Art of Regulating the External and Internal." This practice combines internal effort with specific movements to open and close, twist and untwist, stretch and compress, tense and relax, separate and connect the body.

By following a focused execution of these exercises and adhering to a specific rhythm, participants can achieve a deeper awareness of their bodies and normalize their energy circulation.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Tea Ceremony + Introduction:

    • We will begin with a calming tea ceremony, setting a tranquil atmosphere and introducing the theory behind Daoist self-massage. This introduction will cover the essential concepts needed for effective practice.

  • Tuning the Body and Mind:

    • Before starting the massage practice, we will align our form. Proper form is crucial for effective practice, as the body serves as the vessel for the effort we produce.

    • Each form is based on a specific geometric structure. We will explore the concepts of alignment and body structuring to maximize the benefits of our session, ensuring that each movement is both effective and beneficial.

  • Practice of Daoist Self-Massage:

    • Participants will engage in practical exercises to tune their bodies and perform Daoist self-massage. This hands-on practice helps integrate the theoretical knowledge and aligns the body for optimal energy flow.

  • Wrapping Up:

    • We will conclude the workshop with a session dedicated to assimilating the techniques learned and nourishing ourselves. This final part ensures that participants leave the workshop feeling rejuvenated and equipped with skills to continue their practice at home.

Join us for this enriching workshop and discover the benefits of Daoist self-massage for regeneration and overall well-being!

Practical details

DATE: 13 July, Saturday

TIME: 11:30 - 14:00 (2,5 hrs)


Kung Fu Amsterdam Liu He Men
Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88, 1072 RD Amsterdam, Netherlands


Essential notes:

  • Please do not eat before the workshop ( at least 2-3 hours before the start)
  • Wear comfortable clothes 


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