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Anna Leona

Daoist Beauty Masks Workshop 25 May [11:30 -14:00]

Daoist Beauty Masks Workshop 25 May [11:30 -14:00]

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In Daoist tradition, cultivating beauty is compared to 'Drinking Water from the Western Lake,' inspiring the development of the Five Perfect Forms of Beauty technique, also known as the Art of the Five Beauty Masks of Xi Shi. Each mask, tied to one of China's legendary beauties, embodies a specific aspect of beauty, as celebrated by poet Li Bo.

Beauty masks are a unique facet of Daoist practice, focusing on facial techniques to enhance both inner well-being and external appearance. This practice is suitable for both men and women.

Before we start with Daoist beauty masks, we will tune with the help of application of high-vibrational aroma to calm the mind and balance the internal state.

According to Daoist medicine, the face reflects the body's map on a subtle vibrational level, similar to the feet or palms. By caring for the face, we impact the entire body, fostering harmony in internal organs and emotional well-being.

In essence, Daoist beauty mask techniques not only enhance visual beauty but also offer a deeper inner experience. The practice aims at internal enrichment and nourishment, creating alchemical ingredients for inner assimilation.

During the practice we will have some tea breaks to assimilate the results of the practice.


Aroma Ritual

3 Beauty Masks:

      Emerald Mask

      Jadeite Mask

      Coral Mask

Each beauty mask practice aims to balance tension, fostering harmony in the face while supporting internal body processes. These processes help erase signs of aging and neutralize the impact of emotions.


Practical details

DATE: 25th May, Saturday

TIME: 11:30 - 14:00


Kung Fu Amsterdam Liu He Men
Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88, 1072 RD Amsterdam, Netherlands


Essential notes:

  • Please do not eat before the workshop ( at least 2-3 hours before the start)
  • Wear comfortable clothes 


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