About me
Hi and warm welcome to my personal page! On my website, you will find the three areas I work with: Body, Mind, and Energy.

My mission is to facilitate personal development and inner transformation s among people who are ready.

For the last 15 years, I have been on a path of personal growth and metamorphosis:
- studied yoga in ashrams in India,
- participated in the shaman ceremonies in Amazonia,
- obtained two university degrees, one in Russia and the other the Netherlands,
- learned Daoist practices,
- received training in massage in Thailand and the Netherlands,
- explored the field of coaching.

My rich experience allows me to see the process of human development from different angles.

Now I firmly believe that we can develop ourselves only if we do it holistically. It means that we connect all three levels: body, mind, and energy.

I work individually through online coaching and offline bodywork sessions, as well as facilitate group workshops and seminars of Daoist practices.
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During online coaching sessions we will work to find the answers to the most important life questions: self-discovery, career choices, personal relationships, etc.
I offer healing rituals for body and soul. My aim is to restore inner balance, remove blockages and create a deeper sense of inner wellbeing.
I host group and private lessons, conduct workshops and retreats about Daoist practices in Amsterdam to let people taste what is real spiritual development.
From my experience, 70% of people are not aware of their bodies. We only pay attention to it when we have pain. Nowadays, we live mainly in our heads, so consciousness is no longer living in our bodies. As a result of fast paced lives, stress, and wrong nutrition, the body has become a container of blocked emotions, chronic pain and tense muscles. And to think, it should be a temple for the soul!

One of my talents is that I can feel with my hands where a person is blocked, releasing it through the course of our sessions.

I offer wellness retreats to relax, to nourish and to recharge your body. You can choose between classical Swedish, deep tissue or aroma rituals accompanied by the healing effects of sound therapy with tuning forks.

To read more about these rituals and book a session, please visit my website consciousbodywork.amsterdam. My studio is situated in Amsterdam.
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Energy is an important part of personal development. It is not always easy to explain, because while you have probably heard about "energy", you may not know exactly what it is. My personal quest to understand energy at a deep level is inspired by the famous quote by Nicola Tesla, "If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".

My studies into energy take the form of Integrative Alchemy under the guidance of my teacher, Oleg Tcherne.

Do you want to learn more about energy and how you can work with it for your personal growth? Join me for an individual session, group lesson or workshop of Daoist yoga.
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