9 - 13 October 2019
Mystical tour for women by women
The mysterious cult of the Black Madonna.
The enigmatic sacrament of four Maria's represented by four pearls of wisdom of Sophia.
The sacredness of feminine nature embodied in the divinity of Ishtar, Isis, Cibele and Maria Magdalene.
It is all united in the mystical tour "Black Madonna".
We invite you to join us during "Black Madonna" mystical tour for women which will take place in the south of France.

Cult of Mary Magdalene, after long wanderings and oppression by the Romans, has found refuge here, forming a sacred space.

Space where sanctuaries of the Black Madonna already existed, connecting it with the wisdom of four Maries, or the four sides of the holy black Cybele stone. Stone of creation and transformation, a gem of alchemists.

During the program, we will explore knowledge about feminine nature rooted in the traditions of early Christianity, Gnosticism, and Egyptian mysteries.

Join your hosts, Madonna Lily and Tulip on this once in a lifetime experience. Whether you have been to France many time or this is your first encounter, this one you can't miss. Limited availability so make sure you book your spot early.
The temples of the Black Madonna, the ancient shrines of Isis,
united in the South of France, a stronghold of the Cathars and Templars, preserve till now the secret knowledge of the Grail and Mary Magdalene.
The cult of the Black Madonna connected with the wisdom of four Maries, which were represented by four sides of the black stone of goddess Cybele.
During our tour we will come into contact with places of power associated with many of the sacraments of ancient cults. This is an opportunity to receive initiation in these places, which implies readiness of the initiate.
Church of Rennes-le-Ch√Ęteau
The church of Mary Magdalene position itself on a hill where the goddess Isis was worshiped in antiquity. This place is still shrouded in secrets and legends. In the church itself, symbols are encrypted, which can only be solved by initiates of the tradition of Mary Magdalene.
Magdala tower
It was built by a priest, Berenger Saunier, who restored the church of Mary Magdalene. The windows of the tower are directed towards the cave in which initiations were made.
Womens' practices
that we will learn during our tour
Sacred anatomy
The female body is a perfect creation designed by nature. The secret here - the sacred anatomy of a woman's body. This anatomy establishes principles and laws that regulate a woman's essence.
Ecstatica is a practice to work with ecstatic feelings. The nature of woman is sensual, meaning her feelings nourish her. Working with sensations is very important for each woman but can be tricky. Relevant here is to be in charge of your feelings than your feelings regulate your state. Ecstatica educates how to work with feelings correctly.
Anatomy of rhythm
Rhythm forms the basis of feminine nature. The body, consciousness, and feelings of a woman function according to the laws of rhythms. The experience of harmony for a woman depends on the pace of her daily life. Depending on how she can regulate her rhythm, she will synchronize it with the flows of the surrounding world.
Aroma yoga
Aroma yoga is a practice to work with fragrances. Working with aroma refines the olfactory perception of a woman. She learns how to communicate with the ether, the subtle etheric field of aroma, and nourish herself with the more delicate energy.
Sacred symbols
The symbols are the most ancient language of communication humans with the divine reality, and vice versa, communication of the transcendental world the world of people. The knowledge about symbols reveals the ability of human consciousness to understand not only our nature but also the laws by which the macrocosm lives.
Orphic alchemy
The knowledge about sound is one of the essential forms of knowledge about our consciousness and macrocosm. This knowledge doesn't have an end or final point.
Being in the process of learning about sounding is what important here. Orphic alchemy is a form of transformation of the body and consciousness with the help of sounds.
Your guides
Artist and explorer of ancient sacred symbols. President of the Tibet House in Moscow. Sheona works with aroma and creates natural aromatic formulas. She teaches integral practices (dance, sound, work with the body and brain) in Barcelona (Spain).
Anna Leona
Anna Leona is a master of the Red Rose level in The Perfect One project . She integrates practices, meditations, the power of intention, the energy of crystals and plants to facilitate the process of re-awakening women to their true essence. Anna Leona leads workshops, presentation and private sessions in the Netherlands and around the world.
Price includes
  • Accomodation (based on double occupancy)
  • Tickets to the chateaus
  • Highly vibrational nutrition during the tour
  • Vegetarian dinners at the hotel
  • Integral Cape
  • Transportation during program
  • Transfer from / to Toulouse airport to the indicated time
Price doesnt include
Airplane tickets
Immerse yourself in the enigmatic mysteries of the Black Madonna.
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