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I believe in the world, everything is connected depending on the frequency with which we resonate: like attracts like.
Let me share my story.

  • How did I came to the Daoist practices?
    First, within me, there were constantly buzzing questions that I wanted to find out about life, relationships, meaning, purpose.
  • At some point in my life I started noticing that I became like a squirrel in the wheel, running faster and faster and trying to hold the saucers like a juggler while managing work, my child and projects.
  • More and more often I felt that I spend a lot of energy and was trying to compensate it with food and... more work.
  • The question keeps turning in my head - what is the meaning of this whole run and stress. So I wanted to find out.
  • I have read extensively on women's practices and the female nature, but it has not become clearer. I have tried various practices with various teachers. But it was not yet the full resonance that I felt within. Until I haven't met my Teacher.

Extraordinary times are occurring today.

We are experiencing profound change and transformation at the personal and group level.
I am happy to take part in that process.

I believe it is time to awake and to create a space of light!

Now is the time to fill the inner world with love and harmony, to send vibration of peace and harmony into the outer world.
Few lines about me
My name is Anna Leona.

For more than 10 years I have been studying with Oleg Cherne, who is an international master of Taoist practices and
founder of the ethnic center INBI WORLD with offices around the world.

My personal interests are very extensive. I am exploring and love to practice of different traditions (yoga, Taoist, mindfulness). Crystals essences and aroma's are my passion next to the practices.

I give online classes and organize workshops for women in Amsterdam, where I teach women integral practices.

What does it mean integral?
It means that there is a system and the method that I am following.

My aim is to help women to create more balance and harmony within the body while strengthening the focus and presence in the daily life.

In my teaching methodology, I combine knowledge from Taoist female yoga, tantra, body-oriented therapy, transformational coaching, knowledge of aroma's and crystals.

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