Holding the Lotus

International women's retreat

28 July — 06 August 2021
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

We invite you to the international women's retreat that will take place at one of the world's most iconic sites
Temples of Angkor Wat were not only models of all integral fields of the entire macrocosm, but also keys to their knowledge. During the program we will be discovering these keys.

From the beginning of the Khmer Empire and even before, women played an important role there and were perceived as avatars and goddesses.
There are many representations of dancing apsaras in the entire complex of Angkor Wat.

The program of the retreat will be conducted in two languages: Russian and English.

Temples of Angkor Wat represent the womb of the Earth,
containing the etheric library of knowledge of the Universe.
Angkor Wat
  • According to a legend, Angkor Wat was created under the protection of the god Vishnu to change the energy of the entire planet, balance it and re-create harmony.
  • In the 10th century, Angkor Wat became the center not only of the entire Indochina, but, perhaps, of the world.
  • All those who ruled it, but also lived inside the walls of the temples, were endowed with extraordinary energy.
  • The main power was maintained by the Apsaras - materialized forms of goddesses, who were transforming energy through dance and various practices.
  • Today they are called dancing goddesses and have been carved onto the walls of thousands of temple buildings. This place is regarded as sacred to every woman.
It was an egregore, which, in reality, was a massive source of energy long before the construction of the thirteen temple complexes. The construction of the temples was necessary to pack this energy inside.
This program requires certain level of preparation and experience on the path of development for at least 3 consecutive years.

The program is designed for more in-depth understanding of the matrix knowledge about women's development.
During the program, we will cover a diversity of practices of integral alchemy.

Throughout this event we will embrace a variety of integral practice the program and discuss topics about female development:
  • What is knowledge, and what is its difference compared to information,
  • What is proper rhythm for a female development,
  • What is a method and algorithm of practice that we need to follow?
  • Purification of the body, mind and soul
  • Understanding and perception of inner light
  • Sacred anatomy, geometry and architecture of the female body
  • Highest tonality of aesthetics through the working with feelings, sound, breathing, body design
  • How to work with ecstatic experience and to assimilate it
Oleg Cherne
Oleg Cherne has dedicated his life to the study of the ancient knowledge of numerous ancient ethnic groups from the perspective of making it relevant for the modern world.

For more than 30 years he has travelled the world in search of the practices, techniques, methods and systems of knowledge rooted in the heritage of our ancestors on all continents.

Oleg's search and study continues to this day, despite the rapidly globalizing trends occurring in much of the world there is still much to learn about endless the possibilities for integral human development.
Price includes
  • ACCOMMODATION. Double occupancy in a 3stars private villa (if you are interested in single occupancy — please apply in advance, additional payment approx $400-500).
  • NUTRITION. Dinner and high frequency nutrition during the course .
  • TRANSFERS . When traveling as part of a group from / to airports.
  • EXCURSIONS. Tickets and transfers to sacred places and other points within the program.
Price doesnt include
  • FLIGHTS. Information about recommended flights will be provided later.
  • Gratuities and related expenses.
Welcome to the sacred journey
to discover your true nature
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Requirements for participants

  • Participants must have at least one year of practice according to the method of The Perfect One project

  • During practices, participants will be provided with high-frequency integral nutrition throughout the day. It is recommended to follow a light diet before and after the retreat - for example, vegetarian, with the complete exclusion of certain products such as meat, eggs, etc


  • Partial attendance of the retreat is not allowed. In case of non-observance of the discipline of participation in the program (without special agreement), the organizer reserves the right to cancel the enrollment into the program.
This retreat is presented

by The Perfect One project
The Perfect One project focuses on the philosophy of existence,
aimed at the art of self-development and the attainment of inner harmony.

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